Frequently Asked Questions

What if you are not listed on my insurance list as a provider?

Every policy is different, even within the same company. We’d recommend taking a moment to come in with the policy for a no obligation look with our insurance secretary to get a better idea of what your insurance will cover.

Many times, even though our names aren’t listed we are covered under the policy you have. Sometimes the extra amount you may have to pay is minimal and worthwhile. We can explain the value of our services.

At what age should I start bringing my children to see you?

As we like to say “the earlier the better” for many reasons. The first being that as your child’s teeth come in, it’s a good idea to make sure that your baby’s teeth and jaw are forming correctly and also so that together, we can review your dental hygiene practices for your child. We also believe it is important that from a young age we give your child the opportunity to see all that goes on at a dental visit so that they can feel comfortable and confident when they visit the dentist. Afterall, regular 6-month checkups are recommended by the ADA for a person’s whole life.

I have dental anxiety, what tips do you have for overcoming my fear?

First of all, it’s so important to find a dentist that you feel comfortable with and trust.  You should feel comfortable asking questions to understand the treatment and help prepare yourself for what to expect at your appointments.  We appreciate knowing a patient’s history of going to the dentist, where the fear originates from, and what specific fears or anxieties he/she may have.  We can brainstorm ideas to help relieve the stress – perhaps it is letting the anesthetic set longer, not reclining the chair as far back, using pillows to support the neck or knees for back pain, or watching a movie with headphones on an overhead TV.

Why do I need to see the dentist if I don’t have any pain?

By the time you have pain in your mouth, you are already looking at costly and more extensive dental work – root canals, crowns, extractions, bone and gum surgery.  The time to see the dentist is before you have any pain so we can catch cavities before they reach the nerve, and catch gum inflammation before you start getting bone loss.  Preventative dental treatment is always the best – less oral pain, less time spent at the dental office, and less cost.  We recommend getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months – come get your teeth cleaned and feel the difference, you will love how clean your teeth feel.

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