Scaling and Root Planing

In periodontal disease, the bone around the teeth recedes due to bacteria and irritants below the gumline. This bacteria is harbored in hardened plaque, called calculus, that is attached to the teeth under the gums. During your initial appointment, we will measure your gums, check your bone levels, and evaluate if there is calculus (tartar) built up below the gums. If your bone and gums are outside of the healthy range, and we detect hardened plaque or calculus below the gumline, scaling and root planing is require to remove the debris and clean out the calculus. The bacteria under the gums cannot be removed at home with a toothbrush or floss, it needs a professional to use specialized instruments to remove during scaling and root planing. After the deep cleaning, the gums and bone is continuously rechecked to make sure the gum measurements are improving. There are times when we refer patients to a specialist, a periodontist, to evaluate and consult with options to address the disease progression.

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